My name is Bony and I‚m a freelance sound designer and audio engineer based in the beautiful city Dresden in Germany.

Sound is my passion. I love it to create complex soundscapes and to find the perfect acoustic surroundings for moving pictures. I‘m a big fan of electronic music which is the main inspiration for my work. The characteristic mood this genre creates became the frame for my productions and my style is influenced by the work of great artists like ATB, Armin van Buuren and Moderat.

During the last years I produced a respectable amount of various recordings: music groups, foley and location sound, interviews and sound effects. With this package of experiences in working with synthetic and real sounds I use a combination of both to create new sound designs for film and video.

I can gratefully look back at successful cooperations with many artists and companies such as: Sebastian Linda, Volvic, Microsoft Germany, Sacha Quade, EcoFilm and Fraunhofer Society.

Have a look at my latest work „Memento Mori“ which was produced in cooperation with Sebastian Linda


 You’d like to know more? Contact me via mail@bony-stoev.de or +49 170 2475432